Visual Arts, Philosophy, Critique, Semiotics, and Community

1)      Concerning Visual Arts: Some aspects of any future projects MUST include elements of visual arts. This could range from a performance to an installation. It’s important that some visual ques are utilized for all projects because they are engaging and that forces the viewer to reflect on those sensations. People of all skillsets should be free to express themselves in a creative manner. This will encourage a RADICAL approach to project completion*

2)      Concerning Philosophy: All projects should be open to RADICAL ideas. Anyone and everyone must have some sort of hand in the project; we are now PARTNERS in an effort to reach a GOAL. Discussions for projects must happen at every step to ensure fluidity. All Conferences will include RESEARCH and a philosophical stance.

3)      Concerning Critique: In connection to philosophy, there will be criticality applied to all IDEAS presented. Self-reflection of ideas will ensure that projects are completed with complete foresight. Criticality is good for the brain, question everything.

4)      Concerning Semiotics: semiotics is the cultural study of visual symbols and their representations. It’s the visual version of Linguistics. Semiotics is the symbolism that closes the gaps between cultures and age groups. It’s important to know symbols and study their connotations, gearing art in a less arbitrary path is very important for projects.

5)      Concerning Community: The effort of the many is important for the completion of art projects. This is a radically inclusive nature, anyone and everyone are welcomed to join and become PARTNERS. Everyone gets credit for their work.


*-NATURAL DYE ZINE Published by: Yeltsin Anthony Penado

*-Artists, Community and Teaching Portfolio

*-Natural Process Research

*-Cyanotype Workshop