Selected Research

The intended purpose of this page is to share related and educational resources. This is a carefully curated resource for anyone interested. These files were obtained from public forum and are here to serve an educational purpose.

All Files are in PDF form:

Research Concerning Biofilm: Vegan “Leather” Characteristics:

The Kombucha Biofilm: a Model System for Microbial Ecology

Characterization of Cellulose Production…

Drying Characteristics of Bacterial Cellulose…

Microbial Biofilms and Chrionic Wounds

Research Concerning Natural Dyes and Pigments:

Practical Hints on Dying with Natural Dyes

The Light fastness of the Natural Dyes

Eco-Dyes/Recycled Art Materials Printable PDF

California Native Plant Society

Navajo natural dye techniques

Archived Zines:

March 2017 Zine PDF

2015 – 2016 Zine PDF