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Title: Places I’ve Never Been
Duration: 1:07:56
Category: Travel & Outdoors
A tour of places I’ve never been. Live streamed on twitch. Following Google’s street view and
investigating locations, architecture and geography. Google translate is used at times in a series of images and screen shots. A mixture of playlists are combined to create an ambient and uniform soundtrack for the landscape, people and structures.

Streamed Live on 4/26/2019
Materials: OBS streaming to Twitch, Google Maps, ambient sounds from ‘nature’


Nostalgia of the Infinite

Greudo (sample)

Duration: 0:34

(preview video)
Pacific ocean and amethyst crystals, created on OBS (Open Broadcast Software). Sound captured from Emulated version of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Oceanic Defrag

Duration: 6:00
Documenting. Things should come apart, and come together in a more organized way.

(Wear Headphones)
Ambient sound is captured through a disk de-fragmentation process and this is mixed with recorded audio segments from synthesizer sessions. This audio track was then slowed down.

In the maintenance of file systems, defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation. It does this by physically organizing the contents of the mass storage device used to store files into the smallest number of contiguous regions (fragments).


Artillery Strike

Duration: 1:37

(Excerpt) Ambient noise within Erangel; PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Capturing the ambient sounds and automated artillery cycles found in uninhabited locations within the multiplayer game.



Passage of Time

Duration: 00:33 (loop)

3D Animation on UE4. This is another animation capturing some of the ambient sounds. a video within a video-game setting has been installed in the space. The animated room consists of concrete walls, no entry or exits. Objects have been 2D and 3D scanned and installed in this playable space.




Duration: 00:37 (loop)

(Digitally 3D scanned stone, UE4 Polygon Rendering and environment.)

Captured on OBS.

Sound from live streamed audio performance using drum machines, synthesizers and delays.



Alien Autopsy

Duration: 2:58

A macabre combination of fantasy, reality and the exploration of the unknown. Roswell alien autopsy while exploring the Paris Catacombs.




Duration: 5:32

An exploration into excess and a look into a performance with one’s self through disassociation. The sound element was recorded separately: fabric being steamed and bells ringing at different speeds to lower pitch.

Shot with Canon G-30




Duration: 5:01

This video is a combination of things. I spent time researching the epic and gruesome journey that Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary endured to make the first summit of Mount Everest. Much of the footage is found footage of climbers navigating deep crevasses on narrow ladders laid across a gap within a melting glacier. This video also features one of the most dangerous features on the mountain: the Hillary Step. This video also features multiple spacewalks and moon landing sequences that reference some of the most inhospitable locations humans have visited. Liquid water from a meditative ASMR video is used throughout the video to create feeling of weightlessness.

Found Footage:
-Climbing Hillary Step on Everest
-Everest Rescue
-HD Go Pro Spacewalk
-July Skywatching Portland
-Landing on the moon: NASA
-Mount Everest Crevasse
-Mount Everest Helmet Camera
-Mount Everest ICE FALL
-Meditation from underwater


Painters Painting

Duration: 1:28

How one should talk about their art, the content found within painting and the underlying meanings and concepts found within material and technique.

Super 8 film, hand processed, Synthesizers

Audio from Frank Stella portion of “Painters Painting: The New York Art Scene 1940-1970” a 1972 documentary film by Emile De Antonio



Duration: 3:39

Long Beach, to 405, then 110, then 105 and LAX.
Hand processed Kodak Super 8 Reversal Film.




Duration: 3:05

(Bootleg recording) Drone



Examination of Bomb Blast

Duration: 1:01

Weapons testing range used for sound art installations. On location there is an active firing range and a bunkers that are used for archival storage. This is a bomb blast crater, and we are examining this formation.



Expanse Flat Ambient

Duration: 1:00

Michael Heizer’s Double Negative