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2018 Projects


Long beach to Westchester

  • Long Beach to Westchester (3/18): From the port of Los Angeles to the LAX, riding through the 405,110 and 105 freeways. hand processed Super 8 film.

2017 Projects


Buyer’s Remorse

  • Buyer’s Remorse (11/28/17) : A collaborative exhibition/project from Studio 226 at Otis College of art and design. Featuring Artists: Yeltsin Penado, Armon Williams, Jennifer Boyd Einstein, Pamela Ramos, Daniel Cope, Mary Francis, Minjoo Lee, and Ghazal Rahimi.


The Great Basin

  • The Great Basin (11/7/17): Photographs, created on Western land art intensive: Wilderness As Myth and Metaphor. The trip spanned California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. The journey resulted in a group exhibition at the Autry Museum of the American West.



  • Mothership (10/2017): This is a cochineal dyed batch of fermenting kombucha tea. These images explore the changes of the symbiotic culture over the duration of the gallery exhibition.



  • Salt: This is a sound piece which explores the ‘Sheppard’s tone’ and the effect of acute repetitive sounds and subdued lighting on emotions. Drone/Lo-fi synth sounds, resting on dyed wood and plaster castings. Neon El Wire used for lighting.


Anti-Matters (2017)


Anti-Matters (2016)